Zakiya's shopping journey

General browsingSpecific searchingMaking a decisionMaking a purchase
Monday 5pm
Mobile text message
“It’s Amy.
There’s a pair
just like them in
LK Bennett.”
Tuesday 6pm
Grazia magazine
“Reading Grazia
on way home,
spot some
gorgeous shoes”
Tuesday morning
“Just online
before I leave for
work and I’m
getting loads of
shoe ads.”
Tuesday 8pm
Facebook on tablet
“My little sister
is on Facebook
and directs me
to her favourite
fashion site.”
Tuesday 8 - 10pm
“Great place...
I’ve found the
perfect pair
and signed up
for updates
from all my
fave designers.”
Wednesday 8am
“Just got my
first updates
now I really
can’t decide.
Think I should
go and try
some on.”
Monday 8pm
My shoes
“Get home and
my beautiful
new shoes
have arrived!
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